Changes to Virgin Atlantic Seat Allocation

I have been wondering why I couldn’t get the seat map up for our flights which are now less than 90 days away.  Today I have seen the following announcement:

Updated: 07 March 2014
We recently announced that on 1 April we would launch a new system to provide a more reliable process for selecting seats. We need a bit more time to test the new system, so we are delaying the launch until the end of June.

So, from the end of June, Economy customers will be able to select seats at check in but for those customers wanting to assign a seat before this time, the service will be available for a fee. Charges will not apply to Upper Class and Premium Economy customers.

This means that until the end of June, all customers will be able to select their seats free of charge from 60 days before flight departure.

We wanted to tell you about this change of plan as soon as possible and we’ll confirm the exact date of launch by the end of March.

I find it really disappointing that Virgin have gone down this route – I didn’t mind paying a premium to fly with them as this was part of the overall package that you received which made it feel so much better than the charter flights which competitors offered out of Manchester.  It is another factor that we will have to take into account now for the overall cost of the flight.

What a disappointment.


Further update – it has now been published that the charge will be £25 per person – a substantial addition particularly for families to factor in.



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