ESPN Wide World of Sports

In February we were lucky enough to time our visit at the same time as some pre MSL matches held at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  The football (soccer) took place on the Hess Sports Field.  We caught New York v Montreal and Orlando City v Toronto.

The weather was not with us – it was torrential rain at the start and we had to collect our tickets from Will Call which was actually a temporary tent nearer to the car park rather than the regular ticket sale windows.  We ran to the arena and after the usual bag check/security found that we were free to sit wherever we chose – so not the usual Disney organising!  We chose a spot on the bleachers as close to the half way line as possible.  As with other sporting events that we have seen in the States we found the atmosphere to be very family friendly and sociable.  There were lots of concessions and the beer was pricey enough that there were no drunks hanging around.

The experience was good and the price was reasonable.  An added bonus for me was that Thierry Henry was playing for New York – I just wish I had taken my binoculars!!

We visited the Wide World of Sports again to register for my Disney Princess Enchanted 10k – this is always a fantastically well organised process with a huge room of vendors, information and other runners to chat with.

If you want a break from the Parks and enjoy sport – see what is on while you are there, I can almost 100% guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Disney Princess Expo


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