Disney Springs nee Downtown Disney

Disney Springs is the new title for the area previously known as Downtown Disney.  Over the years the area has really been revitalised and reinvented so what should you expect now?

Firstly there is now a multi-storey car park – it is massive, I have never struggled to park and I would strongly recommend taking a photograph of where you have parked so you can find your car on your return!

From the car park you have immediate pedestrian access to the Springs – in the West Side you will still find the House of Blues, AMC Dine-In Theatre Complex, Disney Quest, Cirque Du Soleil, Bongos Cuban Cafe and Splitsville the dine, dance, drink and bowl venue.  There are also a selection of shops selling silver jewellery, Star Wars merchandise, Running wear, candies and cigars.  In this area there are some Disney Guest Services – we have found it a really good place to go and buy your park tickets, especially if you want annual passes which include parking as it means you are all set to go to the Parks without queuing on the day.

There is also a new Starbucks in this area near to the Characters in Flight balloon, which not only sells coffee but also has free wine tasting events.

From the West Side you can follow the promenade across to the other side of Disney Springs – you will pass several food and retail options including Fulton Crab, Raglan Road (excellent fish and chips if you are feeling homesick), Portobello.  There are shops selling sunglasses, hats, Havaianas, pet accessories, lego and of course loads of Disney merchandise.

At The Boathouse you can dine, drink and hire a car to drive into the lake – with a captain!

One of my favourites is to pop into Ghiradelli for one of their free chocolate samples and then delicious ice-cream – which you can usually enjoy outside near the bandstand which could have live music, dancing or discos going on.

With fountains, the Rainforest Cafe volcano exploding and all the usual Disney razzmatazz it’s not a bad way to spend a few hours.



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