Lake Eola Park – Downtown Orlando

Today we revisited Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando.

Parking on E Washington Street was free this Sunday so we were able to park on the street right next to the Swan boat rentals.

You can rent a swan boat to pedal round the lake for $15 per half hour.  Today we chose to promenade round the lake which is just under 1 mile to complete.

There is lots to see – the downtown backdrop, swans (we saw 3 different breeds), ducks, egrets, geese and even an osprey.  Many of the birds were nesting.  There are also many sculptures and statues around the circuit.  We saw a group performing yoga and another group meditating.  Lots of dog walkers and joggers.

On Sundays there is a farmer’s market from 10am till 4pm.  There are many different stalls – jewelry, art, pottery, fresh fruit and vegetables, houseplants and herbs plus food and drink stalls.  Today we tried vegan kale chips – Texas BBQ flavour was the winner, we had freshly cooked corn on the cob, empanadas and tried a corn pattie with mozzarella.

We watched the turtles and fishes for a while before we completed our circuit, the church bells chiming in the background.

Fabulous start to the day. Recommended for the whole family (there’s picnic areas and children’s play areas too).



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