Epcot -how to manage to last the day!

With the new Frozen ride in Norway due to open in June and Soarin across the World due to premiere in the Summer too – I thought it might be useful to share some of our survival tips for lasting the full day at Epcot.

Epcot is essentially split into 2 worlds – Future World which opens from 9am and then the World Showcase which opens from 11am – both stay open until 9pm when the Illuminations fireworks show ends the day.

It can be really tiring at Epcot as there is quite a bit of walking and not that much shade to be found which during the long hot afternoons can mean staying until the close of the park a challenge.

Our first tip is some super cool air conditioning seating inside just near the back entrance to Club Cool – so head into Club Cool and test the Coca Cola samples from around the world and then go out the back entrance (going towards The Land) and through into the building for some refreshing aircon – stay a while, make your next plans and just enjoy the coolness.

Next tip – heading to The Land – there is seating outside and inside in the shade.  We like to take a ride on Living with the Land to get another break/breather from the sun – it’s a gentle ride through the green houses.

You will also find shelter from the sun or indeed the summer thunderstorms in The Seas – there is a Nemo clam shell ride and then lots to see, including a children’s play area all under cover in the air conditioning.

Once you get into the World Showcase, shade can be harder to find – we like to spend a little time in the back areas of Canada – I have sheltered from a thunderstorm more than once in this area!

There are also seats in the shade as you walk towards France from the United Kingdom – down the slope towards the entrance gates from the Boardwalk area.

Morocco has shaded areas amongst the retail opportunities and there is the Fez House which is beautifully cool and beautifully ornate – but so easily missed!

Japan has lovely cool shops and a gallery area with internal seating – a very calm place to regroup.  We also like the area outside near the Katsura Grill – sometimes you can find both shade and catch a breeze coming off the lake sitting up in this area.

China again has some seats around the carp lakes – sometimes in shade and a wonderful airy shopping area to browse and cool down.

Finally, Mexico – inside the temple it is cool and dark – lots to see, one of our favourite gentle cheesy rides (featuring Donald Duck) an opportunity to have a tequila if you like it and indoor fountains – it can just be a bit of a shock when you step back outside into the heat and the glare of the summer.

If you take your time and take frequent breaks, plus plenty of fluids (preferably non alcoholic) you can last the day 9-9pm – final tip – wear really comfy shoes!!



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