Throwback Thursday – Shuttle Launch at Kennedy Space Centre

Back in November 2009, my husband and I and a couple of friends were able to obtain tickets to view a Shuttle launch at Kennedy which coincided with our vacation.

We had a fantastic day – helped by the weather – you need good weather to launch a Shuttle.  The anticipation and build up to the launch was as good as the actual launch itself – which obviously is over quite quickly.  Memories include needing the toilet and not anticipating the miles and miles of no stopping as you entered the facility – even to this day we refer to needing the toilet as “Kennedy desperate?”

Kennedy Space Centre is located just off State Road 405 in Titusville.  The complex is 70 acres and open year round with the exception of Christmas Day.

Top attractions now include Space Shuttle Atlantis (which opened in 2013), the Shuttle Launch Experience, IMAX films, Astronaut Encounter and the KSC bus tours.  It has undergone huge redevelopment in recent years – when we attended the shuttle launch it was to view Atlantis take to the skies.

Although there are no more shuttle launches, the Kennedy Space Centre still have an active rocket launch programme.  Check out and for all the details.

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