I’ve been wanting to blog since the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando but I have been lost for words.   I am usually blogging about why it’s great to visit Orlando and what you should see, do, experience while there and then I realised, today I should do exactly the same.

Before I do though I want to firstly say that I am sending my love and support over to the city that I think of as my 2nd home. Secondly, I firmly believe that we cannot let terrorism win.  In 2001, I had booked to come over to New York, then 9/11 happened and everyone became scared to travel.  My friend and I took the decision that we would still come to New York and it was a very humbling experience.  The New Yorkers were so grateful that we had travelled, that we were showing our support and they believed we were brave to visit.  We didn’t feel like the brave ones.

Life is short, it is a gift.  I have read the stories of many of the victims and it seems that they were full of hope, enjoying and living life and making their own memories.  I can’t think of many places where you can make more wonderful memories than Orlando, Florida.  The feeling of magic when you enter the Disney parks, the feeling of wonder when you see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Resorts.  The absolute beauty of natural Florida with all its weird and wonderful flora and fauna.  The stunning beauty of the beaches. The sunshine.  The unfortunate tightening of your jeans on departure after a week or two of fabulous food, Floridian hospitality and generous portions.

I am booked to return again in September and November and again next year.  I will not hesitate to go and show my support and make more wonderful memories.  I urge others to do the same.

Let’s show our support, our courage and strength.  #OrlandoStrong x