Sign Saturday – Bok Tower Gardens



Flashback Friday – Bok Tower Gardens Weddings

In 2012 we decided to renew our wedding vows in Florida and the place that immediately sprang to mind was Bok Tower Gardens.

We emailed their wedding planner Rita and received lots of information before planning to meet her when we were next over in the States.

On the day that we met with Rita, we were given a guided tour (via a golf buggy) so we could review and choose our favourite Garden Ceremony location.  We knew it would just be a small do, however, we didn’t receive less service.  We chose the Round Garden which can host up to 50 attendees and has the tower in the background.  Rita also gave us some contacts for ministers to officiate and other information which we may or may not need.  We had decided just to hold the ceremony there and then to move on to a local restaurant for a celebratory meal.

On the day itself, we arrived with our 6 guests and were able to get changed at Olmstead House.  We were then collected by golf cart and taken up to our ceremony location.  Our minister – Michael performed a beautiful renewal ceremony.  Rita then gave us all a grand tour of the estate stopping at various top spots for some beautiful photographs.

The whole experience was fabulous – our guests all thoroughly enjoyed it and were converted to Bok Tower fans too.  Rita looked after every detail and everyone and in the course of the months before our ceremony found out details about us to better understand us and our likes/dislikes.

In the good news department, there was a special rate for the sort of renewal of vows ceremony we had (less than 10 in total).  We were able to choose any of the wedding gardens, except Pinewood Estate or Swan Point, for a very discounted ceremony only rate of just $350.00, instead of the regular rate of $695.00, and it included absolutely everything that comes with the $695.00 wedding ceremony.

It’s a fabulous place to visit with or without a wedding – go to for more information